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 Two Important Factors in the Treatment of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are very commonplace, especially with active persons and athletes. While we see many of these conditions at Back and Body in NY, we want to treat them appropriately and also to ensure that further repeat injury is prevented as much as possible in the future.

So when we deal with ankle sprains, we generally break the treatment into two sections, evaluation and treatment and preventative care with chiropractic at the heart of this. With ankle sprains, repeat injury is very common, up to 75% in certain sports like basketball. So while the majority of cases heal relatively quickly we do need to be mindful of that repeat injury.

Evaluation and Treatment

Believe it or not, but research has shown that an early return to activity for general acute inversion sprains has been more beneficial than immobilization (strapping etc). This includes exercises and treatments to provide the joint with the support needed in order to not only bear weight, but also a wide range of motion.

For more serious damage, such as ligament issues, then immobilization is necessary, but for general ankle sprain, the reintroduction to normal range of motion is more beneficial as research has shown that this early rehab decreases pain as well as swelling.

A study by Linde et al., followed 150 patients who suffered inversion ankle sprains and their rehab consisted of early motion and weight bearing. The results showed that a month later that 90% felt minimal to no pain and had an increase of 97% in work ability thanks to treatment, appropriate exercise and educating the patient on what to do.

Prevention of Future Injury

While it is impossible to 100% prevent future injury, it is possible to place appropriate steps in order to help such a re-occurrence of the injury.

A major factor in the prevention of ankle injury is balance training. A study by de Vasconcelos et al. in 2018 discovered a 38% reduction in ankle injuries thanks to an increase of balance training.

While you are with us for your treatment, we can help to show you a couple of balance exercises to help you improve your balance and thus decrease your chances of an ankle injury.

Furthermore, especially if your ankle injury is not severe, a return to normal walking practices is also encouraged so as to return to proper walking (and standing) posture. Correct posture will help your injury heal and also prevent bad habits from forming as an improper posture will mean that another part of the body will compensate and thus potentially become injured.

So proper exercise and proper return to posture are the two main important factors in return to healthy ankle injury healing.

Once again, we can not only help treat you, but also provide you with the proper exercises and instructions in order for you to return to proper and full fitness.

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