An Overview of Physical Therapy for Shoulder Injuries

man with shoulder pain

The shoulder is a complicated a part of the human body.  Extremely mobile, it’s also extremely prone to injury.

There are myriad ways to hurt your shoulders and many of those ways involve repetitive motion.  Common causes are throwing balls, poor sitting posture and direct trauma (car and other types of accidents).

This post will provide an overview of physical therapy for shoulder injuries.

Treating Shoulder Injuries

If your shoulder has undergone trauma from a fall while playing a sport or another type of accident, it’s advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

While you’re waiting to see the doctor, you should be icing the joint and resting as much as possible.

But physical therapy is a leading tool for addressing shoulder injuries which offers many patients relief.  Physical therapists are trained to understand the nature of the injury and the types of movement which will be most beneficial in the healing process.

And the process is one in which patients play a significant role.  You work with your physical therapist, who will prescribe targeted exercise as part of your recovery program.

From Consultation to Recovery

At Back & Body Medical, we take a multi-disciplinarian approach to pain relief.  I’m a chiropractor, working with a team of acupuncturists, physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners.  Our team is consultative, meaning it finds the right combination of therapies to personalize treatment.

When you come in for your initial consultation, the nature of your injury will be determined, but your injured shoulder will also be tested for range of motion and strength.  Once these factors are determined, you can start the process of healing the injury.

Shoulder pain can be effectively alleviated by working with a physical therapist.  The process usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks.  During that time, you’ll notice a gradual decrease in pain and improved mobility.

Resistance Is Futile

People can be slow to admit that they need help.  But when you’ve injured your shoulder (or shoulders), seeing a professional is 100% necessary.

Sure, you can sit at home and rest the shoulder, ice it and pop anti-inflammatories.  But if you don’t address the injury itself, you may never regain strength and mobility in the joint.

That’s unnecessary.  By seeing a physical therapist for the injury, you’re empowered to take part in the healing process by performing the exercises prescribed.  You choose your level of engagement with treatment and that choice governs the success of your recovery.

Resisting treatment may seem like the “tough” thing to do but re-injury is more likely if you choose not to seek out a professional to help.  The pain can become chronic and that’s no way to live.

Physical Therapy at Back & Body Medical

Our integrated pain relief clinic in the heart of Manhattan has won awards because our model works.  We work together, centering therapy on the patient’s individual needs.

At Back & Body Medical, we put you first, ensuring you reach full recovery.

If you’ve sustained a shoulder injury, contact us.  Experience multi-disciplinarian pain relief.

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