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ADHD has become a condition that is rampant in today’s society. While it is still being researched and treatment has primarily been through a trial and error process of finding the right blend of medication for the sufferers to help with focus and concentration, this form of treatment seems to show only benefits that last a few years. One scientist, Dr. James M. Swanson, of the University of California is one person to suggest that medications do not offer long term benefits and that alternative means should be researched to help improve focus and concentration skills.

Meditation has been suggested as one such possible help.

When a person undertakes mindful meditation, they are attempting to sit quietly and to try and focus on breathing. As the mind wanders (which it does in non ADHD people too), the art of pulling the mind back on track to focus on that breathing forms part of the skillset that will ultimately help in general life.

The practice not only helps with relaxation, but it is thought that it may even improve brain connections in the area of the brain that controls focus. Dr Swanson has noted that there has been a reduction in activity in this area of the brain with ADHD individuals, suggesting that meditation may be another tool in the arsenal in helping.

In fact, one study that had 50 ADD patients showed that those who practiced meditation or mindfulness based cognitive therapy had comparable outcomes in terms of motivation to those who were taking ADHD and ADD medications.

Another study done in 2017 showed that ten minutes of meditation helped people stay focused and better relaxed. This study involved some 82 patients who suffered from anxiety.

This mindful meditation may even reduce depression, further helping ADHD sufferers who have high tendencies to this condition.

Meditation is often a concept that is promoted by chiropractors and the like to further help their patients achieve a better state of well being. It’s clear that meditation helps many people who put their minds to it, including those suffering ADHD. So why not try some meditation yourself, particularly if you are an ADHD sufferer in New York.

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