I Found an Acupuncture Clinic Near Me In Manhattan

I’ve had migraine headaches since I was a teenager.  I’ve tried many treatments to control them, including drug therapy.  A friend told me that acupuncture might help, but I didn’t like the thought of being stuck with needles.

Then I started reading online about acupuncture as a way of managing my migraines and found out more about it.

So many people are like me – skeptical about acupuncture’s effectiveness.  But acupuncture has helped millions of people.  The needles used aren’t the kind we were afraid of as kids.  They’re extremely fine and inserted in points on your body which serve to relieve all kinds of pain, from migraines to musculoskeletal challenges.

An excellent acupuncture clinic near me in Manhattan.

My friend told me there was an amazing acupuncturist at Back & Body Medical in Manhattan.  She said she’d been visiting her for years and that she’d been able to help her with a series of pain issues.

So, I scheduled an appointment to consult to Dr. Kristina Kinch, LAC.  She advised me that acupuncture uses very fine needles, working from a roadmap of the human body developed over thousands of years, pinpointing specific points of insertion to relieve pain.  She was clear that the procedure is totally sterile.  Needles are used only once and always sterilized, as well as the patient’s body, prior to treatment.

I was reassured by Dr. Kinch and decided to go ahead and give acupuncture a chance.

Dr. Kristina Kinch, LAC.

With an MA in acupuncture, Dr. Kinch is an expert in three styles of acupuncture to relieve pain – traditional Chinese, Japanese and APM (Acupuncture Physical Medicine, which focuses on the muscles).

Because Dr. Kinch practices at Back & Body Medical, she shares their healthcare vision of a multi-disciplinarian approach, combining four distinct models – acupuncture, physical therapy chiropractic, and sports medicine.  The variety of care available at Back & Body allows the doctors there to arrive at a tailored response to each patient’s need.

I was so impressed by Dr. Kinch and the personalized attention she gave me.  She suggested that I also visit with the chiropractor at Back & Body, in addition to acupuncture.  She said that combining the two treatment models might be the key.

Effective pain relief.

Since I’ve been visiting Back & Body, there’s been a significant decrease in the intensity and frequency of my migraine attacks.  Combining acupuncture with chiropractic has worked.

I’m grateful to my friend for recommending Back & Body Medical.  I found an acupuncture clinic in Manhattan that offered me something truly revolutionary – integrated care in one convenient clinic.  I never would have believed that combining chiropractic with acupuncture might work.  But I’ve been amazed by the results.  My quality of life has improved dramatically.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Kinch to anyone.  With Dr. Kinch and the team at Back & Body, my migraines are no longer holding me back.  If you’re looking for effective pain relief, reach out to this outstanding resource.

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