Acupuncture Back and Body Medical

Acupuncture Back and Body Medical

Have you heard of acupuncture? If not, today is the day you get to learn all about it. Acupuncture is a treatment in which thin, small needles are inserted at various points throughout the body to promote pain relief and overall well being. Research has been conducted on acupuncture which proves that it provides pain relief in capacities. Today, we will be explaining how it works and where it comes from. 

First, an acupuncturist will insert the needles to your body, wherever they believe your body needs rebalancing. The re-balancing promotes well being, and can even treat certain illnesses. Some of these include headaches, blood pressure, and even whooping cough. We will get into more specifics later on. 

Acupuncture actually stems from traditional Chinese medicine. It is explained that health is a result of the balance of the yin and yang of the overall life force of qi. Illnesses cause imbalances to these life forces, so we must put the balance back in to receive healing. 

There are 350 different pathways and meridians in which the needles can be inserted to promote health and well being. This will put the body back into balance, 

German research has found that acupuncture helps with the following and other conditions:

  • low back pain
  • neck pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • knee pain

There are many more conditions which acupuncture can help with. If you are interested in learning more about it, contact us today or continue reading here! We want you to live a pain free and happy life.

Our acupuncture at Back and Body Medical is here to offer a more gentle and relaxing way to manage your pain.

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