What are Active Release Techniques(ART) and their Benefits?

art-hand-croppedThose who have sought treatment for migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, back pains and knee problems may already be familiar with Active Release Techniques(ART) which area patented, state-of-the-art movement-based soft tissue system. What the system does is it re-establishes proper motion between muscles and fascia while minimizing fibrous adhesion’s, making it a popular treatment for people with anything from acute to chronic pains, to strain injuries, to post-operative cases.

ART treatment is very effective; in fact, its results can be both instantaneous and long-lasting especially for conditions which are basically the result of overused muscles. Feedback from patients reveal that after receiving proper ART treatment, most (if not all) discomforts such as numbness, pains and weakness (common among people with anything from acute conditions as a result of collisions, pulls and tears), micro-trauma (an accumulation of tears in muscle fibers), and hypoxia (the cause of not getting enough oxygen to the muscles) are eradicated.

What’s also worth noting about the Active Release Techniques system is that, as the name implies, it’s a combination of many approaches to pain relief and recovery. In fact, there are over 500 specific moves that comprise ART, and the special thing about all of them is that doctors or providers are able to properly identify and remedy or correct the specific problems of each patient.

Every ART session has a very specific process and ART providers always evaluate the current condition of patients to be able to apply the appropriate moves for treatment. This is then followed by the patient’s execution of specific movements as directed by the provider, while the provider simultaneously applies tension to the precise point of dysfunction. With the specific and effective process for each session, patients can immediately tell the difference as far as movement and pain are concerned.

ART is a highly recommended treatment option for people suffering from the following conditions: sciatica, illiotibialband syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbow,carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and concentrated pains on the shoulders, lower back, and knees.

Nowadays, the biggest names in the athletic world swear by Active Release Techniques in ensuring the health of their muscles and improving their performance. The efficacy of the ART system has outperformed other treatments and other therapeutic practices, so hopefully, more and more people will consider it not only as a solution for pain but also for the proper maintenance of their body.

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