Active Release Technique: NYC Patients Find Relief From Scar Tissue Pain

New York City Active Release TechniqueScar tissue forms naturally as the body’s response to injury. They’re tough, thick tissues that are produced when your muscles, ligaments and tendons are impaired due to pulls, tears, trauma and other factors. When muscle impairment or overuse happens, the damaged tissue suffers from reduced flexibility and strength, and becomes easily susceptible to repeated injuries in the future.

When scar tissue forms, it builds up and binds down other nearby tissues. It shortens and weakens muscles, traps nerves and puts undue pressure on the tendons. All these lead to limited mobility, weakness and an extreme amount of pain. There’s also the sensation of constant numbness, tingling or weakness in the affected area.

Scar tissue can be hard to treat, and the painful sensation can go on for several months or even several years. When you have scar tissue, that area in your body reduces its ability to heal itself. In fact, your nervous system makes sure that it stays that way — not because your body is suddenly working against itself, but because it’s merely being extra-protective to prevent further harm.

A new treatment breakthrough, however, is expected to be the immediate and long-term solution to the condition: it’s called the Active Release Technique. NY specialists believe that patients in serious pain can benefit from learning more about their condition and the new and proven ways to finally get the relief they need.

What to expect during an Active Release Techniques session

Active Release Technique NY therapists are required to have a high level of knowledge about the human anatomy because mastery of how each muscle part feels as well as how they work and how they should function is essential to their methods. The task of an A.R.T. therapist is to break up the scar tissue. This is done through more than 500 treatment moves or protocols that aim to identify problem areas, apply contact tension, and lengthen the tissue or make it move smoothly to the adjacent tissue.

An A.R.T. session marries patient assessment and treatment. As the therapist’s hands moves over the patient’s body or affected area, he or she evaluates the condition of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and tissues while applying the appropriate moves when problems in the area’s density, texture and mobility are detected.

A.R.T. practitioners often point out that an A.R.T. session is very different from a relaxing massage. The level of discomfort can be remarkable, and for some it can even be quite painful. But patients are willing to undergo a few sessions of discomfort because of the long-term relief it can bring after months or years of enduring pain.

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