A Different Approach to Thanksgiving this Year

2020 is going to be a memorable one. We have all sacrificed a lot this year, some more than others, but humanity will come through this test as it has many others in the past. We have to be creative and find new ways of doing things. The holiday season is no different, and we’ve come up with a way you can still enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family without having to physically be there.

Like many things this year, it all starts with a device connected to the internet, a camera and screen…

The first thing to do is obviously work out who you are wanting to spend time with. Maybe it’s your parents or your siblings. Create a Google sheet, decide on your menu and share it with your family. Add all elements of that menu on the sheet and decide who will cook what. You’re going to cook enough food for everyone.

Once you know what you are going to cook, set your device up in the kitchen. Your laptop or a tablet would be ideal for this. You’re going to cook together, virtually.

Once everything is prepared, this is where you will need to meet up physically and exchange what you have cooked so everyone now has the entire menu.

Now it’s a rush back home to eat.

At this point if you can, you want to place a big screen at the end of your table. You’re going to connect via Zoom or whatever and connect virtually with your extended family. The bigger screen obviously makes it easier to see everyone. You may need to connect your laptop to the tv via an HDMI cable or even cast to it via something like ChromeCast or other such option.

Hey, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. At least you can connect and see one another and who knows, you may even find other ways to connect as the evening continues on.

We cannot change what’s going on, but we can change the way we react to it and maybe, just maybe, find some unique ways to make this holiday special. At the very least, it will likely be the holiday we talk about for many years to come.

But from all of us here at Back and Body Medical, we would like to wish everyone a special and safe Thanksgiving. And however you are celebrating this year, we hope that you remain safe and healthy. Let’s make it one to remember for good reasons.

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