5 Tips for Effective Home Back Pain Care

back painMaybe you were involved in an accident and have been seeing a doctor for pain management and treatment. Maybe you even required surgery. Or maybe you are just one of the millions of people on this planet suffering from back pain every day. No matter your situation, it’s not enough to only care for your back when at the doctor. Effective home back pain care is key. So here are some easy ways you can care for your back at home.

Effective Sleep – Mattress

Yes, that’s right. You’re probably not sleeping correctly. That was one thing you thought you were really good at, right? Well, you stink. But, there’s good news – it’s not your fault. Proper education about sleep habits that protect your spine is rare – unless you’re already feeling pain. There’s more good news – it’s not too late. Changing your sleeping habits now can help relieve you of some of your pain. First, you need to buy proper tools, one of which being a mattress. There are many mattresses to choose from – consult a doctor or chiropractor and find out the best one for your specific spine.

Effective Sleep – Pillow

As far as pillows go, look for a pillow that is cushioned around the edges with a “hole” for your head to fit into in the middle. This supports your neck and head while keeping your spine straight. You’ll need to sleep on your back or side to effectively use this pillow.

Effective Sleep – Position

While you’re waiting for your pillow and mattress to come in the mail, there’s still something you can do to improve your home back pain care. Sleep on your back or side. When you sleep on your stomach, you have to turn your head to the side. This unnaturally bends your spine. If you’re a chronic stomach sleeper, it may be a hard habit to break but it will be completely worth it.


Visit a professional – a chiropractor and physical therapist are both good choices – and, after they diagnose your pain points and their causes, ask for some at-home exercises. They’ll be more than happy to teach you a few that you can do each day to help build strength in the muscles around your spine that have weakened and aren’t supporting your spine properly anymore.


Before you leave their office, get them to teach you about proper posture too. And spend at least twenty to thirty minutes a day practicing proper posture. Eventually, it will become habit and will move into the rest of your day automatically. Poor posture leads to a lot of back pain.
So there you have it. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll be supplementing your doctor visits with proper home back pain care. Sleep smarter, exercise better, and walk with proper posture. You’ll speed up your recovery and feel better faster. And who doesn’t want that?

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