5 Reasons for Athletes to Give the Graston Technique a Try

Woman holding soccer ballIf you’re a high-impact athlete or weight lifter, then you’ll want to get to know more about the Graston technique. Also, if you’re an athlete, you probably already know why you should – and it will all make sense in a few moments.

If you already are involved in high-impact sports of some kind, then you already know a lot about scar tissue. You know it can limit your range of motion. You know it can cause pain. And you know, if those two things happen, your performance will be affected. And, as an athlete, your performance is everything.

You know there are lots of techniques out there to help handle the “scar tissue problem” and, in your research, you may have come across the Graston technique – and it’s lucky you did. Here are 5 reasons to give it a try.

You’ll Be in the Hands of a Professional Who Knows Your Muscles

It could be a physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, or physician – whoever it is, they’ll understand the anatomy of your muscles and tissues. And they’ll know how to use Graston instruments to identify areas of scar tissue and then treat those areas.

The Graston Instruments

Yes, there are instruments involved. Nothing with spikes or anything medieval like that. They are stainless steel tools with rounded edges and are specially designed to “scan” your muscles for scar tissue as they traverse over your skin. Once an area is identified, they are also used to treat that area.

Treatment Time

There is not a significant amount of treatment time. After the instruments are used to identify areas that need treatment, each area will receive about a minute of treatment. You’ll come back periodically to continue the treatment until your muscles have returned to their pre-injury state.

Graston and Friends

It’s not just the Graston instruments that are part of the treatment. You’ll also be prescribed cardiovascular exercise pre-treatment and a stretch and exercise program post-treatment, each time. So you won’t only be healing during the treatment, you’ll be healing in between visits as well.

You Won’t Have to Take Medication

Medication is not part of this treatment – which may, or may not, be important to you. But, it’s nice to have the option to not put chemicals in your body. You won’t have to worry about side effects at all. It’s a completely natural treatment option.
So, there are 5 reasons to give the Graston technique a try. Do some additional research to see if it’s a treatment plan that would work for you. If it is, make your appointment right away to get started because optimal performance is necessary when you’re an impact athlete. And you can’t perform optimally with scar tissue built up. Let a Graston technique specialist take care of that scar tissue for you and keep you on the path to first place.

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