5 Back Pain COVID Treatment Solutions

Back Pain COVID Treatment Solutions

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It’s August and we are still reeling from the effects of the COVID pandemic. The city is a sorry state and who knows if it will ever get back to how it was. These are very sad times and while the pandemic has claimed many thousand lives across the city, it has also created new problems as a side effect. Back pain is just one side effect caused by the pandemic as people are working in different environments and not with the best ergonomic set ups. We are here for any back or neck problems that you may be experiencing, but here’s 5 back pain COVID treatment solutions you can help yourself with.

1 Beware of too much bed rest

Bed rest was often prescribed by doctors in the past, but new research and evidence has shown that too much bed rest is not actually a good thing. The back should not be in one position for too long as it can get stiff and generate new pain problems. Muscles are not used so much and this means the back doesn’t get the support it needs either. It’s best to do light movements and exercises if possible to keep the back in motion.

2 Be active

Try and continue your normal routine as much as possible without pushing yourself too much. Go for a walk and do not stay in one position for too long. As with too much bed rest, the best thing to do is to get moving as soon as you can to help keep the muscles strong and supporting the back.

3 Ice is nice, heat is neat

If your back issue is joint related, then ice is best. It reduces inflammation which causes pain. Apply an ice pack for periods no longer than 20 minutes at a time. Heat is better for muscular type pain to help relax them.

4 Exercises

Doing simple stretching exercises is a good thing to do. If it hurts too much, stop and come in and see us. But if you can stretch without too much discomfort, it can help. No pain, no gain is not a mantra to follow in this case though. Be careful.

5 Your diet

In these times of spending more time at home, it’s easy to lose track of what you eat. Try and limit sugary foods and drinks as much as possible and eat a balanced diet with plenty of veg, fruit and water.

I am sure we will get through this pandemic, and we all need to be strong and follow the guidelines as much as possible. Try and watch yourself and try and exercise and get out as much as you can while being safe. Our 5 back pain COVID treatment solutions above will hopefully help you stay out of pain or manage it.

But if you are in pain, come and see us. Schedule an appointment or call us (212) 371-2000.

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