3 Great New York Low Back Pain Treatments

man with lower back pain in his office

New York low back pain patients are among the most common type of patients we see at Back and Body here in Manhatten. It’s arguably one of the most common complaints in general and accounts for billions of dollars in lost revenue for employers across the nation.

It’s caused by a variety of issues including lifestyle, work, sports, general injuries and of course wear and tear on the body that comes with age.

The good news is that we can help at Back and Body. We have a variety of different treatment options, many of which are covered by insurance. Perhaps our biggest three are chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture.

Chiropractic care has helped millions of people every year across the planet and patient outcomes are very high. The Spine Journal reports that about 56% of patients who saw a medical doctor reported just a 30% reduction of pain four weeks after treatment. In contrast 94% of patients who went for chiropractic care for their low back pain saw the same reduction in pain over the same time frame. Close to double were therefore helped.

What needs to get out more is that chiropractic care should be the first place people go to rather than their primary doctor for low back pain. One state has already recognized this and implemented a bill that is designed to get people to receive conservative chiropractic treatment or physical therapy before even taking pain medicines. This will surely help the opioid crisis for a start.

Acupuncture and massage therapy are two other areas that we can help relieve pain with. Both come with many modalities to help reduce low back pain and provide the patient with a happier lifestyle.

So if you are suffering in New York with low back pain, come in and see us. It’s easy to contact us and we would love to help you.

Contact us now. We have three simple ways you can make an appointment at our Back and Body NY chiro office:

Call now on (212)371 2000 or text (315)873-3095 or email us at Your.Friends@BackAndBodyNY.com

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