Stop Living in Pain: 3 Common Pains that Can be Addressed with Physical Therapy

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No.  Pain is not a “part of aging”.  At least, it doesn’t need to be that way.  But that’s why so many people put up with pain instead of doing something about it.

Pain is part of life.  We know that at some point it will come.  But how we choose to address it is what makes the difference.  Either you accept the prevailing “wisdom” that aging means pain and do nothing, or pop pills, or you do something proactive that changes the way you live.

Instead of reducing your activity and spending more sedentary time because of pain, you can be its master, living the full, exciting life you deserve.

Pain, while part of life, is an invitation to act.  And there’s much you can do to reduce or eliminate it.  Physical therapy, for example.

This post: stop living in pain:  3 common pains that can be addressed with physical therapy, provides a window into how this medical discipline can support you on your way to a pain-free life.  Let’s find out more.

1. Shoulders

Our shoulders are complex joints which are easily injured and when they are, too many of us grin and bear it.  But that injury can become chronic if it’s not treated.  So, when pain takes hold, getting yourself to a physical therapist as soon as you can is the best course of action.

A physical therapist’s work is to restore function.  With skillful soft tissue mobilization, your physical therapist can help you heal the joint and strengthen it against the recurrence.

2. Knees

Pain In the knees is one of the most common complaints brought to physical therapists for resolution.  Knee pain may be caused by any number of factors, including improper footwear which has affected your gait and the joint’s stability, or overuse of the muscles of the thigh.

You’re a participant in your own healing with a physical therapist, so if you’re visiting to resolve a knee issue, you’ll be provided with strengthening exercises for the upper leg to take the pressure off your knee.  When these muscles are carefully built up, your knees get a break.

3. Back

Woefully common, back pain is something physical therapists are recognized as being key supports to resolving.  Using both passive and active techniques, your physical therapist will work with you to strengthen key muscles and relieve pain.

Passive techniques include icing, electrical stimulation and heat therapy.  Active techniques are where you come in.  Your physical therapist will provide a series of stretches and exercises to strengthen your back against injury and to help relieve the pain.  The physical therapist’s intervention is often the reason for people avoiding back surgery.

Back & Body Medical

Back & Body Medical is a multi-disciplinarian pain relief clinic in the heart of Manhattan, offering chiropractic, acupuncture, sports medicine and (of course) physical therapy.

We work as a team to resolve pain, applying personalized strategies that work.  Pain needn’t be a part of aging.  Book a consultation and get proactive!

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