CrossFit Open 2017 – 17.2 Recovery Tips

With 17.2 in the books on today’s Back & Body video, we’re going to tell you what you can do reduce that soreness and get back in the game and get ready for 17.3.

Dr. Dave Perna here with Back & Body, your collaborative care approach offering physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture to the people of Midtown, Manhattan in New York City on 58th and Lexington as well as in Springfield, New Jersey on US Route 22 offering our services to the people of Union County including Westfield, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Summit and Garwood. So today, we’re going to talk about what stretches and exercises you should do to reduce your soreness after 17.2. I got a lot of feedback from people and they said the main areas of concern were what they call a lunge butt which is upper glutes and high hamstring. As well as some soreness in the forearms from the dumbbells or what we call Florida floor curls in our gym. What we’re gonna talk about first is you should do some active recovery. The best thing would be to do some body weight lunges. A couple minutes of doing some body weight lunges after riding a bike for 5 minutes would activate those muscles that are sore and get them warmed up and get ready for the stretches that we’re about to show you.

So go ahead and do those and watch these videos on a few stretches for glutes as well as the high hamstring and forearms. So as mentioned after the bike and some body weight lunges, I think the next thing you should do is to activate those muscles further by doing some lateral banded glute walk. That’ll get the upper glutes fired and ready for them to be stretched appropriately. The next stretch we think you should do is the pigeon pose. This will work the upper glutes and hips very well. You can move it around and try to hit the corners and hit the areas you find to be most sore. Everybody’s a little different so try to find the location that works the best for you to reduce the soreness. You can do this on both legs as well. The next stretch you can use to hit the upper glutes is with a foam roller underneath you’re going to gently rock doing this figure 4 stretch and try to apply just a little pressure to those upper glutes and do it as tolerated.

Crossfit Recovery in NYC

Try to free up and soften up those muscles and you’re going to do this for both legs as well. The next stretch is going to work the upper hamstring, and we did overhead lunges, this year you did dumbbell lunges which allow the upper body to be forwardly tilted. This led to hamstrings and glutes more than the overhead lunge so with a slight bend of the knee to hit the upper hamstring. You’re going to gently hold this stretch on each leg for about 30 seconds. You can do this a couple of times. The next is a great stretch for breaking radialis, you will need somebody’s help, you want to do this gently particularly while holding the wrist.

You’re going to start with palm up to palm down as you extend the forearm and flex the wrist while placing pressure over the sore area to break your radialis. People are going to have very sore forearms from holding the dumbbells and this is a great stretch to do with someone’s help. Finally an excellent stretch for the forearm is just leaning over the hand while the hand is open, putting your weight onto it. Bring a little bit more pressure onto the hand as you stretch you’re going to gently place your hand under the fingers, that’ll add additional stretch to the muscles of the forearm. This will help with anything when you deal with an exercise program has a lot of grip than 17.2 did. So there you have it, in my professional opinion some of the best stretches and exercises you can do to assist yourself in recovering from 17.2. If you have a friend who can benefit from this, please share it with them. and if you liked the video, please like it. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them as they come up. We’ll see you for 17.3.

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