Heed These 12 Signs of Overtraining

tired woman leaned on her pilates ball

NEW YORK, NY – 4 June, 2017 Heed these 12 signs of overtraining and remember – you’re only human and you have nothing to prove.  The object of physical fitness is health and feeling your best.  It’s certainly not to train to the point of illness or injury.

  1. Resting heart rate – If this is higher or lower than usual, you’re overtraining and taxing your heart to the point of exhaustion. Either invest in a heart monitoring wearable or check your rate before you get out of bed in the morning.
  2. Long term muscle soreness – If you’re feeling tender for 72 hours after your last workout, you’re overtraining. Your muscles are suffering from fatigue and they’re not about to let you punish them anymore.  Take a break.
  3. Can’t sleep – If you’re counting sheep to no avail, even after tough workouts, your nervous and hormonal systems are telling you to rest.
  4. Thirsty all the time – You may be in what’s known as a “catabolic state”, in which your body has begun the process of consuming muscle to get adequate protein. The process induces dehydration and signals that you need to rest and drink a lot of water.
  5. Not yourself – Overtraining can lead to profound personality changes. Increased aggression and irritability are two signs that you’re pushing yourself too hard.
  6. Down in the dumps – If you’re feeling depressed for no apparent reason, the cause could be overtraining. Part of the reason might be your motivation for training – are you trying to prove something?  Do you believe the harder you work, the better you’ll look?  You may want to ask yourself those questions and take a step back.
  7. Sick more than usual – Having one cold after the other? That’s not healthy!  It’s a sign that you’re undermining yourself by going at it too hard.  As discussed above, your body has entered the catabolic state.  Adjust your nutrition and force yourself to rest more.
  8. Lack of focus – When you’re working out, you’re on a mission. Breaking up your workout with chat sessions tends to keep you at the gym longer and you can be tempted to push it too far.  Get in.  Work out.  Get out.
  9. Hurting yourself often – If you find you’re getting more injuries or re-animating old ones, you’re overtraining. Not giving your body a chance to recover between your workouts is at fault, so take care to take that time.
  10. De-motivation – Everyone needs time off. If you’re a physically fit person, taking a week off isn’t a sin.  It’s a recalibration and rededication – only with more balance.
  11. No gains – If you’re not reaching your fitness goals, it’s because your body is turning on your overly zealous efforts. Not seeing continuing gains means it’s time to rest.
  12. Poor self-image – If you’re dissatisfied with yourself, even after working out in beast mode, you’re stressing yourself out for nothing. More isn’t always better.

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